The Last Hurray

In October 2013 HR Plus was acquired by Sterling, and on Friday, December 13, 2013 Sterling announced that the office in Chicago would be closed. Most employees would be let go. My last day was at the end of April 2014, and if I stayed to the bitter end I would receive a bonus. This made my decision to retire much easier.

What is keeping me busy?

I'm currently involved in a number of Danish / Scandinavian organizations as well as in a local bicycle club. Apart of being boardmember in some of these organizations, I also maintain a number of their web sites.

Board Positions

Danish American Athletic ClubTreasurer
Web Master
Wheeling WheelmenTreasurer
Web Master
Scandinavian ParkTreasurer
Scandinavian Language FoundationBoard Member
Web Master

Web Sites Maintained

Danish American Athletic ClubASP
Wheeling WheelmenASP
Danish American Language FoundationASP
Associated Pediatrics PartnersASP
Dania Society of ChicagoASP
Rebild ChicagoASP
Smits ChicagoASP
Denmark Home SiteASP
Development Home SiteASP