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Rebild Bylaws Ratified July 5, 2016

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Thanks to:

The Danish-American Rebild Society
also known as
Rebild National Park Society, Inc.

We are a Danish-American Friendship organization, playing an important part in these areas:
  • Preservation of Danish culture and heritage in USA
  • Assistance to Danish newcomers with acclimatization and business networking
  • Help and insight into Danish thinking for Americans doing business with Denmark
  • Friend-shipping and socializing
  • Study abroad scholarships to Denmark
  • Professional full color news magazine two times a year plus Rebild E-News.
  • Annual Conference (each year in a different state)
  • Unique 4th of July Festival in Denmark with Royalty and dignitaries from both countries
  • Programs for children in a few chapters

2020 Annual Rebild Membership Meeting
in Phoenix, Arizona


2020 Annual Rebild Celebration in Denmark

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Important links

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  • Click here to find "Frequently-Asked Questions & Answers" about the Rebild Festival in Denmark.
  • Click here to learn about Youth Rebild Society - YRS.
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2018 Annual Rebild Membership Meeting
in Berea, Washington

  • Click here for pictures, for download, from the event.
We welcome newcomers and
Invite collaborative synergistic efforts
with other Danish organizations!

"There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come!"
(Victor Hugo)
  The Danish Pioneer Bien Jyllands Posten Politiken (Danish)

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